‘Kangaroo Jack’ to rest up before making trip to East Tennessee following his capture


WINFIELD, Ala. (WATE) — It has been a busy couple of days for Braxton Basinger and a “hoppy” kangaroo named “Jack.”

Basinger is the owner of B and H Livestock in Winfield, Ala., and was joined by others Thursday as they were able to capture a kangaroo that escaped from their care.

The crew had been searching for Jack for the past two-and-a-half days.

“It is a big relief,” said Basinger. “I’m about as thankful as they come honestly. I never thought it would be this big, having support across the country. I didn’t realize I’d get calls from California from all the way to up north in New York.”

Video shared to NewsNation affiliate WATE-TV by Lt. Shane Dickinson from the Winfield Police Department showed the actual capture of Jack. Basinger and colleagues were able to rope Jack in and bring him in safely without injuries.

“I got a call about 4:30 this afternoon saying they spotted him,” said Basinger. “I was the one who was able to rope him in, and my buddy was able to get him down. There were about 40 to 50 people out that way. We were able to get him into my trailer. Now he’s eating and drinking water and doing fine.”

Basinger said it would be a busy night at work, tending the other animals he cares for daily. Basinger said they also deal with exotic animals like kangaroos, flying squirrels, emus, and ostriches, along with horses.

With Jack now safe at home, it’ll be a few days before he makes his way to East Tennessee to his new owners.

“He’s probably going to be with us for the next three to four days,” Basinger said. “I know he’ll be fine, but that’s just to make sure he settles down, and everything goes fine with him.”

Basinger said after that time, he would be transported to his new owners just outside of Gatlinburg.

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