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Looking to move? These US cities and towns will pay you to live there

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(NewsNation Now) — Looking for a fresh start? These cities and towns will pay you to move there.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the places around the country where you can make some money off of a move.

Newton, Iowa

Where: The town of about 15,000 is about 35 minutes away from Des Moines, the state capital.

Incentives: The Newton Housing Initiative, approved in 2014, provides incentives to potential homebuyers, builders and developers to expand the quality and quantity of real estate.

  • For homes valued at $180,000 or more, a $10,000 cash incentive and the “get to know Newton welcome package.”
  • For homes valued between $100,000 and $179,000; a $5,000 cash incentive and the “get to know Newton welcome package.”
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Where: Tulsa is willing to go the extra mile to get more remote workers. The second-largest city in Oklahoma with a population of over 400,000, Tulsa’s situated on the Arkansas River between mountains and hills.

Incentives: “Tulsa Remote” is offering incentives to remote workers to come live in Tulsa by offering a $10,000 relocation award along with a $1,000 relocation stipend and coworking space.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Where: The southeastern Tennessee city is home to more than 175,000 and sits in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Incentives: Chattanooga’s GeekMove is an incentive program that incentives computer developers to move to Chattanooga. If you meet the qualifications of GeekMove, you are eligible for a possible 10 relocation packages. Some of the requirements include living at least 50 miles outside of Chattanooga and being interested in participating in program events.

Lincoln, Kansas

Where: Lincoln, Kansas is a small town with the slogan, “The size of a dime with the heart of a dollar!” The town, located in the heart of north-central Kansas, has a population of just under 3,500 according to the town’s website.

Incentives: Build a home on a free home site in a new subdivision with Lincoln’s “Free Home Site Program” which offers 21 free lots available in a new subdivision.

Baltimore, Maryland

Where: The coastal city in Maryland has a population of more than 600,000.

Incentives: The “Buying Into Baltimore” program provides $5,000 for potential homeowners to purchase a home in the area. Twenty potential homeowners can receive the grant per year. To be eligible, applicants must have attended and completed the requirements of Live Baltimore’s Trolley Tour event. Applicants who receive a grant cannot take out a mortgage that exceeds $517,000.

Harmony, Minnesota

Where: This tiny town of about 1,000 people sits on the border between Minnesota and Iowa. Harmony is about two hours from Minneapolis.

Slogan: “Nice place to visit, even better place to live.”

Incentives: The Harmony Economic Developments Authority will provide a cash rebate for building new homes. The EDA will provide new homebuilders a rebate ranging from 5,000 to $12,000.

Northwest Arkansas

Where: Northwest Arkansas makes up the cities and areas around Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville.

Incentives: The Northwest Arkansas Council is offering a $10,000 cash incentive for remote workers to move to the region. To be eligible you must be older than 24, have full-time employment, and relocate to Northwest Arkansas within six months.

Savannah, Georgia

Where: This historical coastal city is home to more than 140,000 residents.

Incentives: The city is recruiting tech workers to come live in the city. Qualified workers can get up to $2,000 for moving expenses.


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