Mick Jagger went completely ‘unnoticed’ during visit to North Carolina bar, co-owner says

Mick Jagger (right), seen here with Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and drummer Steve Jordan during a performance in September, stopped by a bar in Charlotte on Wednesday and managed to go unrecognized. (Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

(NEXSTAR) – Mick Jagger stopped by a bar in North Carolina on Wednesday night, but he wasn’t waitin’ on a friend or a lady or nothin’.

Jagger, who was in the area ahead of a Rolling Stones concert in Charlotte, simply stopped by to have a beer and snap a photo. The wildest part about it, though, was that Jagger went totally “unnoticed” during his visit, the bar’s co-owner tells Nexstar.

“No one knew about it until he posted that photo on his Instagram,” said Mark Wilson of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon in Charlotte. “The patrons that were there sitting outside were all huge fans and didn’t even take notice.”

Jagger wasn’t exactly disguised, either. In a photo he shared to social media, the rock ‘n’ roll icon appeared to be doing little to obscure his face, aside from wearing a baseball cap.

“Out and about last night in Charlottte, NC,” he wrote in the photo’s caption.

Jagger, 78, later mentioned his visit to the Thirsty Beaver during Thursday night’s show in Charlotte, telling the crowd he dropped in while briefly exploring the city.

He went on to say he saw some “banker bros” during his outing in Charlotte and even ate some pimento cheese — a spread popular in some parts of the South — although he didn’t have the highest opinion of the latter.

“Sucked down some pimento cheese,” he told the cheering crowd of his activities the previous night. “I’m not sure about that.”

The Rolling Stones’ current No Filter tour is scheduled for 11 more dates before wrapping up Nov. 20.


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