105-year-old Louisiana home still standing after Laura, to be rebuilt by 4th generation owner


CAMERON PARISH, La. (NewsNation) — A 105-year-old home in Louisiana, passed down from generation to generation, is still standing after Hurricane Laura, despite sustaining heavy damage.

Fifth-generation homeowner Shelby Fountain said the home built by her great-great-grandfather in 1915 has withstood many hurricanes.

“It has gone through a lot,” said Fountain. “For Audrey it didn’t flood, for Rita it looks like it does now, and for Ike it didn’t flood. And now (with) Laura it flooded again, a lot like it was 15 years ago. I was only 12 then, but I still remember, and you kind of tuck those memories away and now they’re all back in the forefront ’cause it looks just like it did for Hurricane Rita.”

Despite being costly, Fountain told NewsNation affiliate KLFY she plans on repairing the cherished property for the next generation. She feels gratitude to have something to come back to, unlike many in Cameron Parish.

“We just kind of joke about things to get it out, so that way you don’t keep it bottled up and be upset about it all the time,” said Fountain.

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