12-year-old cousins brutally attacked at Missouri theme park, leaving moms livid


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — An incident at a Missouri amusement park has some parents questioning if it’s safe to return after two young girls were attacked by what their parents described as a gang of girls.

The incident was caught on camera, and the girls’ mothers are demanding justice. They say the girls who attached their 12-year-old daughters will do this again.

It was heartbreaking for Chaunell and Chauntell Tillman to watch the video taken Saturday of their daughters being attacked by girls they don’t know.

“She’s just defenseless. She did everything she could. She was definitely defending herself on the ground, Chaunell Tillman said.” So I felt like life left my body at that moment. I felt like my soul left because my job as a parent is to protect my child, and I wasn’t there to do that.”

On what should have been a fun-filled day with their grandmother, Chaunell and Chauntell Tillman’s daughters left Worlds of Fun battered and bruised. The Tillman sisters found out about the incident during a tearful FaceTime from their girls, who said they’d been jumped.

“And her face was all swollen, red, and it was like cuts on her, scratched up on her arms and her legs,” Chauntell Tillman said. “I was just livid. Like oh my, I just could believe it.”

The girls got checked out at Children’s Mercy Hospital for injuries like mild concussions, cuts and bruises.

The moms said the attack lasted six minutes. They’re upset Worlds of Fun security didn’t step in to stop it.

“For three minutes she stood up getting punched in the head. Three minutes she got kicked in her face and her head, so I’m very blessed to say that she is still here,” Chaunell Tillman said.

In a statement, Worlds of Fun confirmed the incident happened, saying:

“Park security and off-duty local law enforcement personnel responded immediately and appropriately. We are cooperating fully with local law enforcement in their investigation.”

In a video of the incident a woman, who was wearing gray, can be seen getting in between the girls, even taking a few hits herself, to finally broke up the brawl.

“Black people stood around and was recording it and watching them, laughing,” Chaunell Tillman said. “A white woman saved my child’s life, and I thank her. And I hope she is watching this today, and I hope that I see her in court so I can give her a hug.”

These moms said their girls are carrying trauma no 12-year-olds ever should.

They’re not sure if they’ll ever go back to the amusement park.

The Tillman sisters said the girls who attacked their daughters were 13-17 years old, and they won’t stop seeking justice until they’re criminally charged.

The Kansas City police are investigating the incident.

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