Aerial footage captures flooded homes, rising waters across Kentucky


FRANKFORT, Ky. (NewsNation Now) — The National Weather Service has captured aerial footage of the extensive damage caused by flooding across Kentucky.

Heavy rain last Sunday brought flooding to several Kentucky counties, with some areas, such as Bowling Green, seeing record-breaking rainfall.

The NWS office in Louisville on Thursday extended its flood warning until early Sunday morning.

Forecasters said that the Kentucky River is expected to rise to 40 feet Friday morning, and then fall below flood stage to 14 feet late Saturday. Flood stage is 31 feet, NWS said.

Aerial footage shared by NWS captured the swollen river flowing through Frankfort, affecting homes and buildings lining the waterway.

On Wednesday, a large structure from a marina was seen floating down the river, causing several bridges in Frankfort to close.

Eyewitness video showed the loose boat dock drifting toward a bridge, as the banks of the river overflowed.

Kentucky’s transportation authorities advised motorists to avoid several bridges as a safety precaution.

Reuters and Storyful contributed to this report.

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