Businesses don’t hold back in roadside roasts


(NewsNation) — It’s not on the radar at the Department of Defense, but there’s a war of sorts going on in southwestern Missouri — a sign war.

Sweltering summer temperatures are making for some heated and hilarious business-based barbs. The city of Marshfield loves a well-crafted zinger, so much so that drivers have to keep a firm hand on the wheel for the highway hilarity.

The first salvo came from a local McDonalds, which recently used its roadside promotional board to challenge a neighboring Dairy Queen.

“Hey D-Q, wanna have a sign war.”

Playing coy, the Queen answered “we would, but we’re too busy makin ice cream.”

“That’s cute,” answered McDonald’s, “our ice cream makes itself.”

But coming in with a swift uppercut, Dairy Queen retorted: “You mean it actually works? Shocker,” referencing the notorious reputation of McDonald’s ice cream machines frequently being broken.

“They like to throw punches every once in a while, but it’s all in good fun,” said Kim Brown-Clift of the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s definitely something that was very much needed in the community.”

The good-natured back-and-forth spread throughout the community, with other businesses joining in. A bank used their sign to offer a loan to McDonald’s to fix the ice cream machine.

“They are light-hearted, they’re witty, it’s been such a cool event,” said Mayor Natalie McNish. “I just love how we bound together to make this successful.”

The Chamber of Commerce estimated millions have seen the signs on social media.

As for declaring a winner?

“We’ll see about that,” McNish said with a laugh.

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