Church members open up after Tennessee plane crash that killed 7 including controversial church founder, ‘Tarzan’ actor


BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (NewsNation Now) — Crews wrapped up search and recovery efforts Wednesday on a Tennessee lake following a small plane crash that killed seven people on Saturday.

Among the victims, actor William Lara, the role of Tarzan in the ’90s television series “Tarzan” and his wife, Gwen Lara, who founded Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood in 1999, as an extension of her popular book “The Weigh Down Diet.”

Investigators previously said a major part of the investigation will involve looking at the pilot’s training and records to help determine the cause.

“I know there was a question on his medical exam and whether it was up to date, and we were able to find that and get that into the FAA, so that will hopefully soon be updated on their website to reflect that, said Rod Day.

Day, a Remnant Fellowship Church member, told NewsNation the pilot had “about 40 years of experience.”

“(The pilot) owned (the plane) for a little over a year and he flew it often,” Day said.

Several other church leaders were also on board, they were identified as:

  • Jennifer J. Martin
  • David L. Martin
  • Jessica Walters
  • Jonathan Walters
  • Brandon Hannah

Naomi Swindell, another church member, told NewsNation she “actually got to work with all of them; they were amazing people.”

“Gwen and Joe were just amazing. Gwen … she really did live a life of service, and she cared about every single person she came in contact with,” Swindell said. “Along with all those people — David and Jennifer Martin, Jonathan and Jessica Walters, Brandon Hannah — they were all amazing people. “They were all well respected in the community and by every single church member. I mean, I cannot say enough good things about them truly.”

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