Country singer noticed red flags before she was attacked by rideshare driver


NASHVILLE (NewsNation Now) — A country music singer who was attacked by her rideshare driver said she noticed red flags from the second she got into the car.

The Lyft driver, Albert Boakye, picked Clare Dunn and a friend up around 12:30 am on June 26 in Downtown Nashville.

Dunn told that something felt off to both of them when they got into the car.

“We just both thought we were overthinking it. And you know, just wanted to go home. And so something was definitely off. I felt that she told me that the next day that she felt that, and we just ignored it. And I think that was the biggest mistake,” Dunn explained.

Later in the ride and after her friend was dropped off, Dunn alerted the driver when he missed the turn to her street. He then got angry and pulled the car over.

The police report filed after the incident states Boakye got out of the rideshare vehicle and opened the passenger side door. He then grabbed Dunn by her shirt and pulled her from the car.

Boakye grabbed Dunn by the neck, threw her to the ground in a ditch and drove off, according to investigators.

Dunn suffered cuts and bruises to her hand and face as a result of the attack, she said. There are also concerns about lasting head, neck, shoulder and jaw issues.

Police said Dunn provided a photo of Boakye and the trip information from the Lyft app, allowing officers to identify and locate the driver involved. He has since been arrested.

When asked if she would ever take a rideshare again, she told “certainly not alone.”

“I mean, you know, being a musician, sometimes it’s unavoidable. You know, sometimes that’s what we have to do, but I certainly won’t be going alone anytime soon at all, if ever,” Dunn said.

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