Family member in jail after assaulting and kidnapping brother


MEMPHIS, Tenn.(WREG) — Three men are behind bars after a family dispute turned into assault and kidnapping charges. Police were called to the scene after an anonymous 911 caller said they heard a Hispanic man screaming and possibly being beaten.  

Gabino Aguilar was found by police outside his home in the driveway tied, bound and beaten, with injuries to his face and eyes.

Aguilar told officers that he was arguing with his family members when they kicked him out of the house. He was bound by his hands and feet by “various straps and belts” according to police.

Gabino said that he’d been kicked out of the house and was trying to make amends with his father and brothers, but it did not go as planned.

Gabino said that his father, Arturo Aguilar, and two brothers, Joel and Abraham, had tied him up and beaten him with an unknown blunt object. After that, he was left in the driveway for about two hours.

Still at the residence, Arturo, Abraham and Joel approached officers outside the house. Arturo admitted that he and his sons tied Gabino up because he had assaulted them while drunk.

Arturo denied assaulting Gabino and said that Gabino injured himself. Gabino was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The father and brothers were taken into police custody.

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