Grocery store hires woman who slept in store’s parking lot


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (NewsNation Now) — A woman in Tennessee who was homeless, jobless and living in her car outside of a grocery store is now working at that store.

Managers at a Kroger in Nashville said they decided to hire LaShenda Williams and that she is now a star employee.

“I remember being cold and I said lord, feed me. I never knew that sleeping out in that parking lot and wanting something to eat, and all the abuse and all the things I went through would land me right here,” she said.

Williams said her faith helped her get through the rough times, but she never imagined sleeping in a parking lot would land her a job.

“I love it. I get excited every day to come in. I can’t wait to see the workers who I work with,” Williams said. “I can’t wait to see the customers.”

NewsNation affiliate WKRN-TV has learned that LaShenda now has an apartment with help from her fellow Kroger employees and community leaders.

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