LGBTQ books placed in children’s section spur debate at Louisiana library


RUSTON, La. (KTVE) — The Lincoln Parish Library pulled a few LGBTQ books off their shelves in November. The library’s director said this comes after parents shared concerns about the books being placed in the children’s section.

“We started getting some letters from a few parents in November, early November wanting these books removed from our shelf and they wanted them put in a reserve section,” said Vivian McCain, the library’s director.

She said when a book is questioned, it’s part of their policy to remove it for review. Once that’s done, the board decides if it should be returned to the shelves or not.

“And I believe that their recommendation is to put them back on the shelf and change our policy a little bit so that it includes those books in a little bit better way,” McCain said.

This way, it’ll be the parents’ responsibility to decide what their child looks at, checks-out, and reads.

“It is not the library’s responsibility to do that and our policy does clearly state that,” McCain said.

Since the book has been in review, an article hit a local newspaper. With that came more concerns. This time from people wanting the books to stay on the shelves.

“Emails, letters, phone calls, from all over the United States, as a matter of fact, asking us to put those books back in their proper location,” McCain said.

Although the books are currently pulled from the shelves, they’re still available upon request. McCain said she believes this played a role in voters denying the library’s tax renewal, along with low voter turnout.

“It hit the newspapers just the day before and there was such a huge uproar over that, that we had a lot of folks say that they were not voting because of that, until that situation was resolved,” McCain said.

She said the library needs the tax renewal, so voters can expect to see the proposition on their ballots again.

“We will be taking it back to voters again probably in the middle of the year,” McCain said.

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