Louisiana teen attacked by Grindr date, spends 3 days in coma


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A Louisiana teen was tortured and left for dead, spending three days in a coma after he was attacked by someone he met on the dating app Grindr.

On June 20, 2020, Holden White was attacked while on a date. Now White, an openly gay man, is pressing hate crime charges.

The following details may be disturbing for some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Everything seemed fine. Nothing seemed weird, and we decided after a month of talking we should, like, meet,” White recalled.

White said there were no red flags before the date. He, age 18 at the time, and Chance Seneca, 19, agreed to their first date. Seneca picked White up and was playing video games in Seneca’s bedroom when everything changed.

“He left the room to get something, and then he came back,” White said. “And when he came back, he had came up behind me and that’s when he wrapped a cord around my throat.”

White struggled until nearly every blood vessel in his face ruptured. His vision blurred and then his memory.

Photo: KLFY

“The next thing I remember I was in the bathtub, and he was slicing open my left wrist,” White said.

Naked and surrounded by his own blood, he faded in and out of consciousness with his attacker watching him. In his mind, he thought it was the end.

“I was saying my final words to myself which were just, ‘Stay calm,” White said.

White fell into a coma for three days. He woke up in the hospital with a breathing tube in his throat and bandages covering much of his body.

Two days after he woke up, White remembered the Lafayette Police Department questioning him as to what happened. He later learned Chance Seneca called police and said he killed a man.

No rape kit was given as Holden struggled for his life with six stab wounds to the neck, a blow to the back of his head, and cuts so deep to his wrists that his hands were nearly sawed off. White felt he deserved more answers from police as to what happened, but says he won’t receive any additional details until he hears them in court.

White was in the hospital for nearly a full month, but he was determined to recover.

“You can’t let other people control your story because it’s your story,” White told NewsNation affiliate KLFY.

Three weeks after leaving the hospital, White returned to work, but because of his hands, he had to leave.

Five months later, Holden has just regained the full function of his right hand. His left hand is still partially numb. Last week, he started his first new job since the attack.

White has made it his mission to move on from a brutal attempt on his life and to make sure the man responsible can’t attack another gay man.

“My one goal that I would say would be to yes keep him in prison, and then number two, to let everyone know if you have a traumatic experience happen to you, it’s okay to be sad about it but you need to not stay sad the whole time. You have to move on.”

Chance Seneca

White is moving on by continuing to date on Grindr, only in public places now. To keep Chance Seneca in prison, he has to be charged with a hate crime. White says the FBI is investigating. Seneca appears in court for a pre-trial hearing on March 3.

White is confident that what Seneca did is a hate crime.

“He chose to go on the app Grindr. He went on an app designated for gay people. He chose to choose someone who is gay and very proud of his sexuality. He said this in prison,” White said. “He said he chose me because I have a smaller stature and it would be easier to kill me. He knew what he was doing. This was preplanned, and when you look at his Facebook, his profile picture is Jeffrey Dahmer, and if you know the previous history about Jeffrey Dahmer, then you can clearly understand all the reasoning on why he wanted to do what he did. So this is a hate crime to me. It will always be a hate crime to me.”

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