‘Disturbance’ at Memphis party before woman went missing: neighbor

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As police continue to search for a Brownsville woman who disappeared after going on a riverboat cruise in Memphis, her neighbors are also seeking answers.

Taylor was reported missing on September 10 after she was last seen boarding a Memphis riverboat to celebrate her 21st birthday with co-workers. When the boat docked, all that was found of Taylor was her cell phone.

Damon Lee said Taylor and her two children moved “on the hill” as it’s called about a year and half ago from Covington. He said he attended Taylor’s party made up of friends, family, and co-workers late Friday night, but was told earlier something concerning went down.

“My neighbors and everybody else heard and said there was a disturbance. I don’t know exactly what happened but I know she told me Saturday morning when she texted me. She told me to come outside, that she was upset,” he said.

He said Taylor came over and visited later, excited about her riverboat celebration in Memphis.

“She came over Saturday. She actually kicked it with my mom and my uncle and we sat out here and played some cards and everything else and she said she was going to Memphis,” Lee said.

Taylor reportedly texted her mom twice Saturday night. But when the party boat docked, only Taylor’s phone was found near a bathroom on the boat. Since then, there has been an extensive search by multiple agencies with no sign of Taylor.

Brownsville Police were contacted by MPD to do a welfare check at Taylor’s apartment.

“The last report was she was out front playing with her kids and that’s basically what they see her doing on a daily basis, taking care of her kids,” said Brownsville Police Chief Kelvin Evans.

Chief Evans said he’s unaware of any disturbance at Taylor’s party and no one filed a complaint with his department.

“Come home. We waiting for ya. Come home, big celebration when you get here,” Lee said.


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