Nashville man survives Christmas morning blast outside his apartment window


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (NewsNation Now) — It’s a Christmas morning that Nashville local and country singer Buck McCoy says he will never forget.

“Around 5:30, I could hear gunshots coming from right outside my window,” said McCoy who lives in downtown Nashville.

McCoy says he got up and didn’t see anything happening outside the window and went back to sleep. Then, he woke again to another round of gunshots. Ten minutes later, an RV on the street outside exploded.

“I heard the most incredible boom,” McCoy said. “It just shook the entire apartment and literally blew my windows into the next room. Stuff was falling on me. Water was coming down.”

He pulled out his cellphone and recorded the damage.

“It was like a movie. I wasn’t sure if this was really happening,” he said.

“It was so traumatic that I was sort of in shock.”

Buck McCoy

Had he been closer to the window, McCoy said he probably wouldn’t have survived.

When McCoy got outside, he saw people coming outside, crying.

“What I saw when I walked out was unbelievable. Cars were on fire, there was debris everywhere,” McCoy said.

He said he lost his cat in the blast. She was freaking out, he said, and authorities won’t let him get back to his apartment.

“It’s not a good Christmas at all,” he said.

McCoy is staying with friends in downtown Nashville.

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