New video of Christmas Nashville bombing comes as business owners navigate clean-up


NASHVILLE (NewsNation Now) — Never before seen security video from the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville shows windows bursting from the blast leaving shattered glass inside Adeline Roz Luxury Jewelry.

Six months have passed and owner Lex LaRocca is still trying to pick up the pieces.

“With all the construction on and off it’s it’s kind of been touching go with everybody,” she said.

She adds customers have trouble knowing how to get to her store.

“A lot of people get halfway down here they realize it’s closed,” LaRocca said. “So either they stop and turn around because they can’t get through right there. Or they just find an alternate route and they don’t come down the street.”

She mostly relies on scheduled appointments, but less foot traffic is never good for business.

“That is going to be an issue if it continues long term,” she said.

The city has temporarily closed First Avenue from Broadway to Church Street along the river front giving time for additional analysis of the historic structures that were damaged the most in the Christmas morning blast. Adeline Roz Luxury Jewelry is on Church Street.

With the summer season attracting thousands to downtown Nashville, another business owner says they might miss out on revenue they would have had without the clean-up.

“The inability to walk from one end to the other is definitely detrimental to attracting tourists,” Susan Castle, who owns Fire Finch jewelry store, said. “I’m hoping that the as they restore Second Avenue they keep its historic character.”

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