Oklahoma cop goes viral on TikTok for giving out gift cards instead of speeding tickets


GROVE, Ok. (KSNF) — An Oklahoma cop has gone viral on TikTok for giving gift cards to people instead of speeding tickets.

TikTok started out as a fun app for Deputy Billy McCall to watch videos on. Once he started posting videos of his work life, he jumped from 7,000 followers to 100,000 followers.

“My main thing is, make people laugh you know like I said to show the human side,” McCall said. “Everybody sees law enforcement in that authoritative figure they don’t get to see us have fun and and be the human behind the badge.”

McCall aka “okie_cop” has already gotten 4 million views on just one of his TikTok videos. Since then, he has found ways to help families in need.

“Off camera I’ll pull them over and let them know that you know instead of getting a citation, their local Tik Tok cop gonna buy them lunch,” he said.

McCall has done this for a number of drivers.

“So I was going into Miami, I had to go to the campus NEO and there’s like this like yield sign and so I figured I just didn’t yield enough cause he liked whipped around and it kind of scared me like ‘Oh no, what did I do wrong?’ and he ended up pulling me over,” said Bailey Jones. “My tags were actually out of date and I wasn’t aware of that.”

If the situation isn’t serious he gives something or does something special.

“He ended up just giving me a verbal warning and telling me ‘Hey you need to get that fixed.’ I was still scared out of my mind,” Jones said. “It was my second time being pulled over so and then he came back with my license and he was like have you heard of his Tik Tok name and I was like ‘No, I actually haven’t.’ He’s like ‘Well, your lunch is on us’ and then he handed me Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate.”

“It made me feel a lot of relief cause I was like heck yeah I’m not getting a ticket and I’m getting lunch,” she said.

McCall wants people to know all officers are human.

“I’m doing it to show the good behind law enforcement,” said McCall. “There’s nation wide movement, defund law enforcement we’ve seen in the past and if I can change one person’s mind and even temporarily give them that gift card if they got a story to tell at Thanksgiving dinner maybe it can change hearts and minds of people to see that law enforcement, we’re on your side.”

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