Are Chicago’s foot chase limits good policing or bad policy?


(NewsNation) —Chicago, a city known for its high number of murders and gun violence, recently passed a new law that will not allow police to chase suspect in a vehicular pursuit or on foot those who have allegedly committed minor offenses.

Officers also cannot initiate a chase if they are hurt, unaware of their location, lose their radio or gun or are unable to communicate.

NewsNation’s Dan Abrams says there will be a “price to pay” for this new policy in Chicago and argued on “Dan Abrams Live” it will severely limit police officer’s ability to effectively do their jobs.

Chicago lawyer Arturo Jauregui, the principal and founder of the Pilsen Law Center, advocated for this new law and told Abrams Chicago has a long history of police officers injuring innocent people during chases.

“We had three major meetings with the Chicago Police Department and they were receptive to some of the changes we made,” Jauregui said. “This is a joint effort, nothing that is being shoved down anyone’s throats and we believe this is a step in the right direction.”

The full debate between Abrams and Jauregui can viewed in the video above.

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