Chicago launches transit vaccination bus


CHICAGO – OCTOBER 21: A Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus is seen making a turn on a street October 21, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. Public, mass transit carriers in the US are feeling the affect of rising oil costs as some are pondering service cuts and/or fare increases. In Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority wants to increase fares for cash-paying riders 25 cents in an effort to offset rising fuel costs. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

CHICAGO (WGN) — In a push for vaccine equity, a Chicago Transit Authourity vaccination bus will target areas where COVID-19 vaccination rates are low among seniors.

The “Protect Chicago” vaccination bus made its first stop at Atlas Senior Center and successfully vaccinated nearly 100 people.

The pilot program, created by the Chicago Department of Health in partnership with the CTA, is prioritizing seniors who live in zip codes with low vaccination rates.

Family members, neighbors, or friends of a senior from any of the eligible zip codes who aided in a senior’s vaccine registration are also eligible. The vaccine is offered at no cost.

The city is currently planning future events and locations for the vaccination bus.

More information about Chicago’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout, here.

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