Chicago organizations to care for neglected bulldog puppies abandoned at airport warehouse


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Two Chicago-based organizations are partnering to help care for a group of bulldog puppies who were rescued by Chicago police after being abandoned at a warehouse near O’Hare International Airport last month.

PAWS Chicago and Chicago French Bulldog Rescue are caring for the dogs while working with Royal Jordanian Airlines on transferring ownership of the canines. They will facilitate adoptions once they finish their quarantine and medical care at PAWS Chicago.

“We didn’t know the condition they were in and all the red tape that was needed,” Paula Fasseas, PAWS Chicago, said.

The bulldog puppies were found in an O’Hare International Airport warehouse after they sat in cages with no food or water for four days after they arrived from Jordan on Aug. 31.

The CDC said the paperwork on the dogs was fraudulent and that it was not clear if the dogs had proper vaccinations, particularly rabies. A person who works at the airport called the Chicago Police Department.

Some of the animals were bleeding from their paws and had burns from their urine, according to Kelly Dworniczek, with the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

The dogs have been quarantined at various veterinary hospitals since the end of August.

The rescue was supposed to turn the dogs over to the CDC on last week but they refused.

The rescue spent $40,000 dollars caring for the French bulldogs and fighting to keep them in Chicago.

NewsNation affiliate WGN contributed to this report.

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