‘Credit for creativity’: Wisconsin trooper pulls over teen who covered car in Christmas lights


A Wisconsin state trooper stopped this festive car, advising the driver it’s illegal to operate on the road. (Photo provided by Wisconsin State Patrol)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WJW) — A driver took Christmas cheer to the next level this week in Wisconsin.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, he covered his entire vehicle with Christmas lights.

Troopers shared the photo on Facebook on Tuesday.

While the trooper gave the driver credit for creativity, she also had to break the news that it’s not legal to operate the car on the road, the agency said.

The Wisconsin State Patrol didn’t say where the driver was pulled over, just that it was within their “Northeast Region.” They also didn’t identify the driver.

A Facebook user named Larry Kamholz claims on the post that his son was the one pulled over for the lights. He said he’s actually a retired officer and warned him of the violations.

He wrote: “But we all know kids….anyways, my son said this Trooper was really nice and she kinda laughed at him. Trooper, whoever you are, thanks!”

He added that his son is getting attention from all over for the joy he’s brought them.

“The impact my kid has made this season is beyond unbelievable. The posts from people all over is mind blowing. My son is getting requests from neighborhoods, nursing homes, activity centers, etc. just to stop by and brighten kids to seniors day. The joy that my kid has brought has left me speechless. As a fellow brother of blue, I initially cringed, but I’m over that now. It has def brought unexpected joy to so many and for that I’m proud of my kid!”

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