Delphi murders: Remembering Abby and Libby


(NewsNation Now) — The deaths of Libby German and Abby Williams shocked the Midwest and changed their families forever.

“It’s changed my entire life,” said Libby’s older sister, Kelsi German.

Investigators found the girls’ bodies five years ago. The friends went on a walk along the Delphi Historic Trail the day before, but never returned home.

“It sits there: birthdays, graduations, all of that.” said Abby’s mother, Anna Williams.

Both girls were full of energy and positivity with their entire lives ahead of them.

“Abby was a bright shining star with a very wonderful heart,” Williams said. “Always dancing around the house and singing. She was a good kid.”

“Libby was the brightest person,” German said. “She always wanted to make you smile, make you laugh and make sure you’re having a great day.”

The girls’ families say it makes it difficult to grieve knowing their killer is still out there. They say they’re doing what they can to help law enforcement while they await answers.

“When we figure it all out, and the last piece of the puzzle comes together, I think that’ll be another hard day for this community,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, neighbors and loved ones have also been busy raising funds through sales of burgers, T-shirts and cookies. They are also raising awareness and embracing new ways to make their community safer, starting with where Abby and Libby were first reported missing.

“You’re outside, you do stuff outside,” said Becky Patty, Libby’s grandmother. “That’s that’s what we have. So the trails is kind of what Delphi has.”

Those areas are now more secure after $100,000 was dedicated to cameras, signage and lighting.

All of these efforts have been made while law enforcement continues their tireless work to catch a killer on the loose.

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