Detroit police officers investigated for fleeing the scene of a shooting


DETROIT (NewsNation Now) — A Detroit police officer is suspended and another is on medical leave after allegedly fleeing the scene of a shooting that unfolded right in front of them.

The incident, which happened on June 30, was captured on police dashcam video.

The victim, who can be seen in the video wearing a blue shirt, was struck but survived.

In the video, a car pulled up in front of him, a man in the back seat hung outside the window and opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle.

As the shots were fired, it appears the responding officers drove away from the scene. However, at some point, they turned back around to help the victim. Officials haven’t yet released details on how long it took the officers to return to the scene.

The gunman appears right in the line of sight of this incident and it’s not known yet whether the officers were caught off guard as the gunman emerged from the vehicle right in front of them.

The gunman and driver got away.

The video was released through an internal video audit by a Detroit Police Department deputy chief, and the department is now investigating.

“This incident is troubling and it is unfortunate and it’s not consistent with our training. And it’s also not consistent with the expectations that are set by myself and my command team,” said Detroit Interim Police Chief James White.

White suspended one officer while the other was on medical leave. The officer could face a misdemeanor charge for their actions.

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