Indiana Black Caucus pushes for more police accountability


State Rep. Carolyn Jackson, D-Hammond, speaks during an Indiana Black Legislative Caucus news conference, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020, outside the Statehouse in Indianapolis. Caucus members called for state lawmakers to increase accountability and transparency for police officers as part of a wide-ranging package of criminal justice reform proposals that they plan to push during next year’s legislative session. (AP Photo/Tom Davies)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus called Thursday for state lawmakers to increase accountability and transparency for the state’s police officers.

That includes establishing more frequent audits on public safety funds, funding body and dash cameras, reducing law enforcement in schools, automatic external investigations for officer-involved shootings, and requiring all law enforcement agencies to obtain independent liability insurance.

Rep. Robin Shackleford said at a news conference Thursday that the governor has been “polite” to caucus members’ requests, but she wants to see more “immediate action.” Caucus members said they’ll spend the coming months drafting several new bills and amendments to current laws in preparation for the 2021 legislative session.

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