Military family loses everything in moving truck fire


FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill.  (KTVI) — A moving truck caught fire on a highway in Illinois Wednesday, destroying all of a military family’s belongings.

Ryan Kenney is an active Air Force officer, as well as a husband and father to three boys.

January will mark 13 years Kenney has been with the Air Force. During that time his family has moved six times. This time the Kenney’s were moving from California to Ohio for a medical reason for one of their sons.

On Wednesday Ryan got a call that the moving truck packed with all of their stuff was on fire.

He first thought it was a joke. Then he said he was worried about the driver.

“Over the time of him loading all of our stuff we got to know each other. I learned about his family and his military background,” Kenney said.

The driver was not hurt but all of the Kenney’s belongings were a complete loss. Baby pictures of the boys, scrapbooks made during his deployments, and other family keepsakes passed down for generations.  

For the things that can be replaced the moving company’s insurance will cover some of the cost but Ryan said it won’t cover everything.

 Kenney set up a GoFundMe for the family to help recoup some of what was lost.

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