New information released about girls slain in Indiana


DELPHI, Ind. — Libby German’s grandfather said the Indiana State Police appeal to the public for information about the “anthony_shots” social media profile adds another piece to the puzzle.

On Monday, ISP released information into the investigation into the so-called Delphi murders, appealing for tips about a person tied to the “anthony_shots” social media account. Mike Patty, Libby’s grandfather, said he was hopeful when he heard that state police were releasing more information about the case.

This February will mark five years since Libby and Abby Williams, her friend from school, were walking on the Delphi Historic Trail and never came home. Their bodies were found the day after they went missing, and Patty said it is important to continue supporting law enforcement as they try to find who killed the girls.

“Obviously, this thing hasn’t been solved. We are coming up on five years, so continuing to support. The people that are going to make the arrest is law enforcement and still continuing to support them and give them what they need and what they are asking for,” Patty said.

State police have not provided any obvious link between the “anthony_shots” account and the Delphi case, but it appears a person tied to that account is in custody in a case Indiana State Police are already investigating.

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Patty also joined NewsNation’s Prime on Wednesday. He said he believes that the police are doing everything thing they can to solve this case.

“I certainly believe that with the police reaching out like this, and asking for help, means that they are circling in, at least in my opinion, but we need the public’s help to get this done.”

You can watch the rest of Patty’s interview with NewsNation’s Marni Hughes in the video player below.

Patty said police are also still trying to find information on anybody who has made any contact with that account through any social media platform.

“I think it’s another piece of the puzzle, you know what I mean? I truly do,” Patty said. “There (are) so many things in so many tips they receive, which we’re really appreciative of because that’s what’s going to help get this case solved, and I’ve said that from day one.”

Patty said he has listened to the video from state police several times, dissecting it for information.

“Slowed it down, stopped it, backed it up, and saying, ‘OK, what are they really looking for? What are they asking for here?’ That’s really how we can help,” Patty said. “That’s going to allow them to maybe get to the next step or the next level.”

Every time law enforcement has introduced more information, Patty said he is hopeful it leads them to a conclusion, knowing they have more information that they want to keep reserved.

Patty also said throughout the investigation, he has learned to stay reserved. When he sees that police are asking for information, he knows it is our job to help them.

“Someday, I’ll get a phone call or they’re going to come visit me and say, ‘Mike, we’ve now got him. This is where we’re at,’ and then I’ll maybe be a time to let my emotions get a little higher,” Patty said.

ISP is looking for information about how people may have communicated with the profile and any saved images or conversations with the “anthony_shots” profile.

Patty encourages people to send in that information, however inconsequential it may seem.

“Even if it’s just a, ‘Hi, hello,’ and you have a screen capture, or I don’t know. But anything that could pertain that you may think, ‘Oh, that’s inconsequential,’ or it’s not a big deal — it might be,” Patty said. “That might be the piece that they need. Don’t hold back.”

Investigators would like those with information to use the tip email “” or the tip line 765-822-3535.

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