Officer charged in Lyoya’s death to appear in court Friday


(NewsNation) — The Grand Rapids, Michigan, police officer charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Patrick Lyoya is set to appear in court Friday.

Christopher Schurr, who is white, shot Lyoya in the back of the head during a chaotic traffic stop on April 4. The officer told Lyoya his car was stopped because the license plate didn’t match the vehicle. About a minute into the stop, Lyoya began to run after he was asked to produce a driver’s license.

Schurr caught Lyoya quickly, and the two struggled across a front lawn.

Lyoya, a 26-year-old Congolese immigrant, was on the ground when he was killed. The shooting was recorded on video by a bystander.

Schurr was charged with Lyoya’s murder on Thursday. Prosecutor Chris Becker said Lyoya’s death was not justified or excused by self-defense. Attorneys for Lyoya’s family have called the death an “execution.” Defense lawyers argue Lyoya gained full control of Schurr’s Taser, putting the officer in danger.

Attorney Ven Johnson in Detroit said Becker called Lyoya’s family about two minutes before announcing Schurr’s charges.

“You will not see any celebration on behalf of the Lyoya family,” Johnson said.

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom has since said he will recommend to the city manager that Schurr should be fired.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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