Protests break out in Kenosha during President Trump’s visit


KENOSHA, Wis. (NewsNation) — Demonstrators marched through Kenosha, Wisconsin after President Donald Trump wrapped up his visit to the area more than a week after police shot a Black man in the back seven times.

Protesters were dispersed by police in downtown Kenosha late Tuesday afternoon, following a day of mostly peaceful demonstrations, as President Trump held a round table a few blocks away.

Protesters were out in support of Jacob Blake and taking a stand against the president’s visit, after the Kenosha mayor and Wisconsin governor asked him not to come, saying it would take up valuable resources and stoke tensions.

“If people want to vote, they need to vote, but we also need to be in the streets,” said Ted Sirota. “Because we understand that it’s only the massive movement of people in the millions acting nonviolently in peaceful protest, determined protest, demanding that the regime change.”

The president’s supporters, also hitting the street in large numbers, with Trump campaign flags and signs.

“I came to support Trump,” said Melissa Sierra. “Truthfully, he saved our city I feel like. Once the National Guard was sent in, felt safer with my kids.”

Nearby Blake’s uncle spoke at an event centering on police reform.

“Let’s face the facts,” Justin Blake said. “If it was just one rogue officer, then why does every mother across the nation, have to have the same concern? Let’s get into the thick of it. Let’s put it on the table, and let’s address it.”

Even against the backdrop of conflict, carnage and burned out buildings in Kenosha, calls for an end to the violence, for unity and peace — on both sides. Interviewed together were Angela Whitfield of the No More Foundation and Anthony Vega.

“I don’t choose Trump, I gave him time I stayed on the fence,” Whitfield said. “He has finally convinced me that he is racist, he is not for all the people, and this is why he won’t get my vote. I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Biden.”

“See, this is why this country is great, because even though I don’t agree with her, I respect her opinion, I don’t believe he’s racist at all,” Vega said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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