Growing crime in Chicago has one business owner concerned


(NewsNation) — Teresa Ging has been a business in Chicago’s downtown loop for 15 years, she says she opened one of the first bakeries in the area. 

But an uptick in crime in downtown Chicago, particularly burglaries, thefts and robberies, has Ging wondering if her location in downtown Chicago is right for her.

“If it’s not safe for me and my business and my customers and employees… this is not a great place for us anymore even though Chicago is a growing city.”

Crime in Chicago is up nearly 40% compared to this time last year, according to Chicago Police Department crime statistics. Robberies are up 19%, burglaries are up 29%, theft is up 65%, and vehicle theft is up 62%.

Security camera footage at Ging’s bakery “Sugar Bliss Cakes,” captured an attempted robbery at her store, an incident she says are becoming more frequent. 

“It’s unfortunate and it’s happening weekly now,” Ging said. 

The suspect can be seen entering her store while patrons were present and eating breakfast. He then walks over the register and throws it to the ground. He begins to leave the bakery, but first attempts to steal a woman’s purse. 

Ging called the police, who asked on the phone if the suspect seemed mentally ill, and then showed up 40 minutes later. 

Ging asked police what took so long, she received a familiar answer. 

“They said ‘we’re overwhelmed and understaffed’ and that’s not the first time I’ve heard it,” Ging said. 

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