Rockford shooting victim was Vietnam vet, cancer survivor


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The daughter of one of the victims killed in a deadly shooting in Rockford, Illinois is speaking out in remembrance of her father. She said she had seen her father just a few hours before he was killed.

On Monday, Winnebago County State’s Attorney J Hanley named the deceased victims. The three include 73-year-old Dennis Steinhoff, 69-year-old Jerome Woodfork, and 65-year-old Thomas Furseth.

The other surviving victims include a 14-year-old boy who was shot in the face and a 16-year-old girl shot in the shoulder. Hanley said that Webb was on leave from the Army visiting family in Rockford.

Regina Maschke, the daughter of Dennis Steinhoff, had dinner with his family before he went to Shooter’s Bar & Grill at Don Carter Lanes, one of his favorite hangouts. She said he can’t ever be replaced.

“You can never replace a person you can replace anything and everything else but you can replace a person you love,” said Maschke. “He was the most loving, funny selfless, giving beyond man ever. He was there for everyone.”

Maschke said her father was a regular customer at the bar there, Shooters. He just had dinner before leaving for the bar.

“So he came over ate and hung out and left here around 5:15 that night,” she said.

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Then she received a text message.

“My niece texted me around that time and said “Where’s grandpa? Is he at OTB?” I said “yeah why?” She said, ‘Oh my god there’s been a mass shooting all over Facebook,'” she described. “So I hurried up and called my dad–and he always answers–but he didn’t answer. So I started getting a little anxious. I called him 14 more times and nothing.”

Maschke then got the news no one wants to hear.

“I almost was in shock I got out I was starting to vomit I couldn’t breathe like, I almost started hyperventilating. I just couldn’t believe that he was in there gone and shot,” Maschke said.

She describes her father as a loving family man, a Vietnam War vet, and a cancer survivor.

“My dad was my world, my whole life. He’s my daddy. He’s the most selfless, big-hearted. funny guy in the world,” she added.

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