The bizarre case of two Karens ends with an arrest


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo.(KTVI) — While it’s common for two women to have the same name, the tale of these two Karens involves identity fraud, financial crimes and multiple arrest warrants.

A north St. Louis County woman named Karen Clark stated her identity has been stolen by another Karen Clark, who’s been a fugitive from the law.

In 2013 when NewsNation affiliate KTVI ran a story on Karen A. Clark operating a daycare, even though she’d been convicted of a felony.

Karen Y. Clark called KTVI to explain her connection to the other Karen. Creditors had been mislead and were demanding payments for Karen A. Clark’s debts.

“I’m plagued,” she said. “It’s almost like a disease.”

Fast forward to 2021, Karen A. Clark was charged with new financial crimes. Court records showed she was wanted in at least four jurisdictions.

Meanwhile, Karen Y. Clark said her name continued being used by the other Karen.

“This name haunts me,” she said.

Karen A. Clark is listed in Missouri Department of Corrections records as having seven aliases, including Karen Ann Kendall, Karen Vehlewald, Karen Levenia Clark, and Karen Ann Clark.

Police report arresting Karen A. Clark June 23, 2021.

She’s being held on no bond as she awaits court dates for St. Charles County charges of passing bad checks and St. Louis felony charges of stealing and forgery.

“Picking her up is one thing, she’s been picked up three or four times before, but they need to make her suffer some consequences,” Karen Y. Clark said in reaction to the other Karen’s arrest.

She says the other Karen tricked her out of her private information years ago, claiming she would assist in building her credit.

Court records say Karen A. Clark then rented an apartment in St. Charles County in the other Karen’s name. That led to a conviction in 2018, but no jail time. Karen Y. Clark said the other Karen never stopped using her identity.

“I think I want to go change my name to my middle name. Nobody uses that name,” Karen Y. Clark said.

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