TSA debuts new scanner technology to speed up check-in process


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — For those who are flying the friendly skies this week, the TSA is introducing new technology to help keep travelers safe and provide more convenience.

During the holidays, airports like Austin Straubel International in Green Bay, Wisconsin are anticipating passenger counts to dramatically increase.

“We are actually expecting our passenger levels to approach pre-pandemic levels over the next several weeks,” said the airport’s director, Marty Piette.

And thanks to a $96 million investment by the TSA nationwide, this computed tomography or CT scanner technology, will speed up the process of getting through security and better ensure your safety.

“CT is in fact the most advanced technology for TSA passenger screening checkpoint operations,” said Mark Lendvay, security director for TSA in Wisconsin.

The technology allows TSA officers to see 3D images of the items inside someone’s carry-on bag, which they can rotate 360 degrees while inspecting.

“What we say is imagery interrogation, actually looking, rotating, slicing, dicing the image,” said Lendvay.

Austin Straubel was the first airport in the state to have this new CT technology, an investment of almost $700,000. The airport’s director says the CT machines not only make air travel safer, but also speeds up the check in process.

“You can leave your electronics, your toiletries inside baggage, so you’re not taking all those items out, being screened separately,” said Piette.

“We’re not going into the carry-on bags of passengers on the level we once did,” Lendvay said.

But this man says he’s a bit wary of the new scanner.

“On one hand it seems a lot safer that way. But on the other hand, how invasive is technology getting, people’s privacy?” said John Ledvina.

For now, TSA is placing 300 of these scanners in airports nationwide and very soon in 434 US airports.

Piette says more and more leisure travelers are returning to air travel.

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