Video shows life-saving rescue after wrong-way caused crash on I-90 in Ohio


CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video captured the frantic life-saving efforts after a wrong-way driver caused a crash on an Ohio Interstate.

The crash happened on I-90 near the Cleveland–Euclid border on the weekend of Valentine’s Day.

Police body camera video captures moments after a horrific crash. Video also shows officers running to wrecked cars to check on drivers and passengers.

The police and other first-responders can be heard asking, “You need some help?” and “Anyone in that car down there?” Police can also be heard comforting victims waiting to be cut out of vehicles.

One officer says, “We got fire coming. They are professionals; they’re going to be able to get you out. OK, Ma’am? We’re right here for you, OK?”

The video also shows police trying to sort out what happened.

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One officer says to another, “The wrong way driver was the green car. I think it’s…three cars?”

One driver can be heard on a video telling one of the first-responders, “I was down there…I was like turned five times. I like didn’t know what was going on.” 

NewsNation affiliate WJW conducted an investigation and found that the driver suspected of causing the crash should’ve never been behind the wheel. Records show the driver had been on the road the night of the crash with a suspended license.

In fact, WJW found that the driver’s license has been suspended more than a half dozen times over a decade. Records show three convictions for driving drunk or high and more.

Now, investigators are going to a grand jury for felony charges against the driver to blame for what happened, NewsNation affiliate WJW reported.

Rescuers needed heavy equipment to free some of the victims from the wreckage. EMS units took four people to the hospital including the suspected wrong-way driver.

Soon, that driver could get sent to prison.

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