VIDEO: Stranded woman rescued after falling from Ohio cliff


PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — Body camera footage recently captured the rescue of a woman who was stranded in Ohio overnight after falling from a cliff near the Grand River.

“Our dispatchers got a call about a woman screaming, asking for help,” said Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno.

Leonbruno said dispatchers could hear the woman, but were unable to track her exact location.

They contacted Painesville City, which is on the side of the river where they believed the woman to be. Leonbruno’s department patrols the other side of the river, in Painesville Township.

“Our deputies headed by Lt. Kevin Raico came from the other side of the river and went through about a 1,000 yards of weeds,” the sheriff said.

After several tense minutes, the body camera video shows deputies spotting the woman.

“She is stuck along the cliff,” a deputy told dispatchers.

A deputy then yelled to notify the woman that help is on the way, and Painesville firefighters were able to rescue her.

The sheriff said the woman suffered some injuries, but she’s expected to recover.

“We are very fortunate to have a great dispatch center that helped us find her,” the sheriff said. “And the officers work together on a regular basis and that really helps in crisis situations. Everyone worked together and did a great job.”

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