More than 5,800 USPS postal employees were attacked by dogs in 2020


(NewsNation Now) — From nips and bites to vicious attacks, over 5,800 letter carriers were attacked by dogs in 2020, according to the United States Postal Service.

USPS announced the campaign “Be Aware: Any Dog Can Bite” that runs Saturday through Friday to raise awareness of the serious threat to postal employees.

“Raising awareness about dog bite prevention and how to protect our letter carriers as we deliver the mail is paramount,” said USPS Acting Employee Safety and Health Awareness Manager Jamie Seavello. “Dogs are instinctive animals that may act to protect their turf and that why’s it’s important to inform the public about this campaign.”

USPS released the top cities were employees were attacked by dogs. The top five were:

  • 1. Houston
  • 2. Chicago
  • 3. Los Angeles
  • 4. Cleveland
  • 5. Denver

USPS said dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs and provided a list of tips to help prevent attacks.

USPS said pet owners should:

  • Remind their children not to take mail directly from a letter carrier as the dog may view the carrier as a threat.
  • When a letter carrier comes to the home, keep dogs either:
    • Inside the house or behind a fence
    • Away from the door or in another room
    • On a leash

If you are worried about your dog, USPS recommended Informed Delivery, which is a free service that gives customers a digital preview of the packages and mails scheduled to be delivered so they can take precautions and secure their animals when the goods are delivered.

Rest assured letter carriers are trained to observe when a dog may be present and are taught to be alert for potential danger.

According to USPS, letter carriers know:

  • Don’t startle a dog.
  • Keep your eyes on the dog.
  • Never assume a dog won’t bite.
  • If entering a yard, make some noise or rattle a fence to alert the dog.
  • Never attempt to pet or feed a dog

For more information, contact your local USPS public relations professional.

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