Multi-state salmonella outbreak expands to 35 states; CDC has yet to identify food source

The CDC has confirmed a total of at least 419 people who were sickened in a multi-state salmonella outbreak. (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to investigate an outbreak of salmonella infections that has now sickened more than 400 people across 35 states.

In an update posted Thursday, the CDC said there have been at least 419 confirmed cases linked to the outbreak, with 66 of those requiring hospitalization. Those numbers have jumped up from the CDC’s Sept. 23 update of 279 cases across 29 states, with 26 hospitalizations.

No deaths have been linked to the outbreak.

The agency noted, however, that the actual number of sick individuals is always likely higher than the number reported, as many of the infected recover without seeking treatment or notifying health officials.

The CDC has still yet to identify a food source linked to the outbreak. In its previous update, officials said this specific strain of Salmonella Oranienburg was found inside a takeout condiment cup that contained cilantro, lime and onions. At the time, the CDC said it was not possible to determine which ingredient or component was contaminated, as the takeout container contained other foods.

As such, the CDC is asking the public to follow all applicable food safety measures when washing, cooking or eating foods that carry a risk of food poisoning.

As of Sept. 29, the outbreak had expanded to 35 states.

  • Texas: 111
  • Oklahoma: 63
  • Virginia: 38
  • Illinois: 28
  • Maryland: 22
  • Minnesota: 20
  • Massachusetts: 10
  • Wisconsin: 10
  • Kansas: 9
  • Kentucky: 9
  • Arkansas: 8
  • New Mexico: 8
  • South Dakota: 7
  • North Carolina: 7
  • California: 6
  • Michigan: 6
  • Nebraska: 6
  • Florida: 5
  • Missouri: 5
  • New Jersey: 5
  • Ohio: 5
  • Connecticut: 4
  • Louisiana: 4
  • Pennsylvania: 4
  • New York: 3
  • Georgia: 2
  • Mississippi: 2
  • North Dakota: 2
  • South Carolina: 2
  • Tennessee: 2
  • Utah: 2
  • Alabama: 1
  • Indiana: 1
  • Iowa: 1
  • Oregon: 1

Symptoms of salmonella, which can begin up to six days after ingestion of contaminated food, include diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps, and possible nausea, vomiting or headache. Those experiencing more severe symptoms — including dehydration, prolonged vomiting, prolonged diarrhea, or diarrhea with a fever of over 102 degrees F, among other symptoms — should contact a doctor immediately.

More information on this outbreak and salmonella infection can be found at the CDC’s website.


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