6-year-old girl befriends turkey, saves it from Thanksgiving dinner


CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (NewsNation Now) — A 6-year-old Pennsylvania girl has found an unlikely friendship with a turkey.

Maci Neff’s mother, Kayla, said their family decided to raise turkeys back in March.

“So the plan was we were going to hatch them, raise them, and then they were going to be dinner,” she told NewsNation affiliate WTAJ.

But it didn’t take long for that plan to change.

“It was night time and we heard a crack, and it was Via’s egg,” Maci said.

The moment Via hatched, “It just started with instant snuggles on the couch when she was very tiny and then I don’t know their little relationship they just bonded,” Maci’s mother said. “It as almost as if Via looked at Maci as mom and their relationship just kept going and now they just like to hang out.”

Maci and Via watch TV and play together. Maci even said she communicates with Via, and understands her gobbles.

Maci’s mom said, “The pandemic was terrible when it all started but for my daughter, something really great came out of it and she built this awesome relationship with her pet.”

Kayla said the experience has taught her daughter responsibility, kindness and respect for animals.

“I hope that turkey lives a long time,” she said. “She will never be Thanksgiving dinner.”

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