Airport app tracks sanitation of high touch areas to combat potential COVID exposure


Albany County Airport Authority and General Electric developed “Wellness Trace” app designed to inform travelers of the last time high-touch surfaces or seating areas were disinfected. (Courtesy: WTEN)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NewsNation Now) — With upcoming increased travel for the holidays, Albany County Airport implemented a brand new system that helps passengers and airport employees feel more secure about potential coronavirus exposure by letting them track COVID-19 cleaning of high contact areas.

The app, Wellness Trace, works by having travelers scan a QR code on their phones. It then opens a page that tracks when a high touch surface area was last sanitized and what products were used.

High touch areas include bathrooms, restaurants, ticket counters, and seating areas. There are 45 QR stickers posted around the airport.

Albany County Airport Authority CEO Phillip Calderon explained to NewsNation affiliate WTEN, the app encourages a sense of security by transforming the airport into a “digital incubator.”

“Just like the world was never the same again after 9/11, it will never be the same again post pandemic and there are protocols that we will be putting into place at our airport and businesses around the world that will become permanent,” said Calderon.

The app was developed in collaboration with Albany County Airport and General Electric Aviation.

Assistant Airport Manager John Delbalso also emphasized the app helps airport staff as well.

“If it does go beyond a certain threshold, we’ll get alerts that will let our supervisors know this area may need some attention,” said Delbalso.

Albany International Airport is the first in the world to use this technology, but other airports have already expressed interest according to Calderon.

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