Ana Walshe’s husband charged with misleading police


(NewsNation) — Brian Walshe, whose wife Ana went missing on New Year’s Day, was arraigned on charges of misleading police and intimidating a witness on Monday. He pleaded not guilty.

Ana Walshe was last seen on Jan. 1, when she was expected to take a rideshare from her home in Cohasset, Massachusetts, to Boston International Airport to get a flight to Washington, D.C. She commutes from her home to D.C., where she has a townhouse.

Her husband said she left home at 4 a.m. and friends say she never got on the flight. It’s not clear if she took the rideshare.

The 39-year-old mother of three was reported missing the following Wednesday by her husband and her employer. There has been no activity on her credit cards and no cellphone activity since New Year’s Day.

Over the weekend, police announced they were suspending a ground search for Ana. Investigators went through the Walshe home gathering evidence and took the couple’s three children into custody.

Brian Walshe did not report his wife missing until the Wednesday after her disappearance, when her employer notified police she had not shown up for work. During the arraignment, investigators said Ana’s phone last pinged at her home after Brian said she had left.

Brian Walshe also told police he went to his mother’s house on Jan. 1 but got lost, and said he also went to CVS and Whole Foods but surveillance footage didn’t show him at either location and he had no receipts to verify his claims.

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