Connecticut man with autism writes and illustrates third book


WATERBURY, Conn. (NewsNation) — A 20-year-old Connecticut man with autism wrote and illustrated his third book, The Letter Critters Talent Show. This is Chase Taylor’s first book to be picked up by a publisher.

The Letter Critters book series follows cartoon animals that represent letters of the alphabet. The characters have unique personalities and help children learn the alphabet.

“The Letter Critters are adorable, cute woodland creatures like bears, foxes and squirrels and they represent the letters of the alphabet,” Taylor told NewsNation affiliate WTNH.

Taylor often reads his books aloud to children, which his mother says has helped him come out of his shell.

“He’s so proud of the Letter Critters, he’s so proud that it makes children happy,” said Taylor’s mother, Helen. “See his face light up when kids get engaged with his critters and when he gets feedback.”

Taylor said he enjoys the positive feedback from readers. He added, “It makes me feel special.”

The Taylors donate proceeds from The Letter Critters books to organizations that help raise awareness of autism.

NewsNation affiliate WTNH contributed to this report.

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