Connecticut to require proof of job search in order to collect unemployment


Conn. (WTNH) — Some employers say they are desperate to hire people. And in some instances, they’ve offered jobs to people who are just not showing up.

Now, the state’s Department of Labor announced they will once again require people to show they are actively looking for a job in order to collect unemployment. President of Meriden’s Jonal Laboratories Marc Nemeth says over the last year, they’ve offered jobs to eight people. Only half came to work.

Plus, he says his HR department has scheduled interviews with people who are no-shows.

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“I think they’re making a lot of money staying home and not working with the supplemental unemployment insurance. Not everyone because we have been able to hire some people, but if you’re asking for some of the reasons I think that’s it,” Nemeth said.

NewsNation affiliate WTNH asked the governor if there is a reason to believe that people who are not seeking a job right now are collecting unemployment?

“I don’t think that’s a big problem. Our $1,000 is meant to help people. Maybe they have some transportation needs. Maybe they have some childcare needs, but you’re right there are some people, their families, or their extended families, were hit hard by COVID. So there’s still some COVID anxiety out there which I think is meaningful,” Gov. Ned Lamont said. “We’re trying to address all those concerns. I know people are worried about the extra $300 the federal government gives you. That’s over in a few months so this is the time right now to be thinking about that job.”

And it’s not just manufacturing that needs to hire, but many restaurants are offering bonuses right now as they expect to be busy this summer.

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