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Could mom of 9-year-old’s accused kidnapper face charges?

  • A 9-year-old girl was found two days after disappearing from a family trip
  • Craig Nelson Ross Jr., 46, was charged with first-degree kidnapping
  • Jesse Weber: DNA evidence was 'the break in the case'

(NewsNation) — The suspect in Charlotte Sena’s abduction case is now in custody, and the public is keen to know what lies ahead for him and potentially for the mother of the accused kidnapper.

Craig Nelson Ross Jr., 47, was charged with first-degree kidnapping, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to NewsNation on Tuesday. 

Ross’ arrest took place in a trailer behind his mother’s house, raising questions about whether his mother could potentially face charges.  

“It wasn’t like he was holding her captive for months. This is only a few days. Our understanding is that she was found in a cabinet. Maybe he was concealing this from his mother,” said NewsNation’s legal contributor, Jesse Weber. “Did he have any help to perpetrate this crime? And that’s the question I think they’re going to be asking his mother.” 

Ross’ capture was partly attributed to a critical mistake he made: Leaving his fingerprint on the ransom note.  

“Criminal suspects and defendants sometimes are not the smartest individuals, and they leave sometimes the worst evidence behind. In today’s day and age, when we have the use of DNA and fingerprints, it just becomes harder and harder to escape criminal liability,” Weber said.

The rapid identification of Ross through his fingerprint was a fascinating development in the case, occurring within approximately 10 hours. Without the fingerprint, finding Charlotte may have been considerably more challenging.

“I cover these cases all the time, we do not get this outcome all the time,” Weber said.

This breakthrough led to Ross’ location and ultimately, Charlotte’s rescue. Additionally, triangulated cell phone evidence placing Ross at the park during crucial times further strengthens the prosecution’s case, Weber suggested. 

If specific charges are filed, some aspects of the case may become apparent, potentially providing insights into what transpired during that time. The exact details may remain undisclosed until a possible trial sheds more light on the situation. 


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