‘Dragon Tree’ in Pennsylvania helps those reflect on and de-stress from COVID-19


ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. (NewsNation Now) — Over the past few months, people from across the country have visited a special tree in Pennsylvania to mark their 2020 remembrances.

The tree, nicknamed “Dragon Tree,” fell in Adams County residents Georgi Anderson and Michael Wholey’s lawn more than a year ago. The couple realized the fallen tree looked like a dragon, so they decided to keep it.

“And by invitation, people could come and welcome the dragon, because we have adopted it. It wanted to stay,” Anderson told NewsNation affiliate WHTM.

Anderson views the tree as a blessing from Mother Nature.

Over time, friends and family traveled from across the country to leave their mark on the tree.

“We’ve had wonderful times here, and stories and just relaxing,” Anderson said. “I mean, you’re away, it is a way to just kind of be away from everything else.”

Visitors paint and decorate the tree with tributes.

The “Dragon Tree” has gained stars, glitter and even face masks. Around 20 people have left marks on the tree.

“I did a lot of work on the face. I had to glue, stick stuff up here, nails down through here,” Wholey said.

The couple has also used it as a place to grieve, with social distancing preventing normal gatherings.

“Well, one of our friends died, and so it’s been real hard. It was real hard to be able to be closer,” recounted Anderson.

The tree gave Anderson and Wholey a creative outlet, as well as a little hope.

“You can almost, almost believe that there’s going to be an end to all of this,” said Anderson.

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