Former Scranton mayor reflects on President-elect Joe Biden’s rise to the presidency


SCRANTON, Pa. (NewsNation Now) — President-elect Joe Biden made his fondness for his birthplace of Scranton, Pennsylvania, known throughout his time on campaign trail, and now residents are reflecting on the future president’s relationship with the Electric City.

Over the weekend, Scranton native and former mayor, Jimmy Connors, told NewsNation affiliate WBRE that Biden might have moved to Delaware at age 10, but he never let go of his Scranton connections.

“I’ve been for Joe right from the beginning. He always came home,” Connors said. “He never forgot us. This is home. We love him here.”

Connors went on to serve as a Biden delegate during this year’s presidential race.

“I’m thrilled because I picked him out when there were 21 contestants in the Democracy primary. I said Joe is the one wo can win. He has what it takes. And guess what? He does have what it takes,” said Connors.

Biden securing a win in Pennsylvania Saturday gave the Democratic nominee the necessary Electoral College votes to clinch the presidency, according to the Associated Press.

Just days before on Election Day, Biden visited his childhood home on North Washington Avenue and signed his name on a wall.

“From this house to the White House with the grace of God,” he wrote.

Connors said that Scranton’s impact on Biden went beyond being the first place he called home.

“We care for people and we care about people. And Joe is going to show people that’s what he was taught here in this house right here,” Connors explained.  

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s campaign continues to file lawsuits and legal challenges throughout the country over the results of the presidential election.

So far, the Trump campaign has filed filed legal challenges in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia.

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