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Hunt continues for woman accused of murdering cyclist

(NewsNation) — The search continues for Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 35, a fugitive accused of murdering professional cyclist Anna Wilson in an alleged love triangle killing.

Armstrong was last seen on surveillance footage at an airport in Austin, Texas, traveling to New York.

Law enforcement agencies have been tracking Armstrong’s cellphone, credit card transactions and ATM withdrawals since the search for her began following the murder of Wilson, 25, on May 11 in Austin, according to Tulane University homeland security professor Robert Allen.

Armstrong was not wearing any kind of disguise when she was spotted at the airport. Allen said it is likely she would not attempt to disguise herself until after she had passed through areas of high surveillance.

Former FBI and CIA Special Agent Tracy Walder said it does not surprise her that Armstrong was not disguised at the airport.

“What we have to remember is that she had a three-day head start and we have to also remember she was … initially brought in for questioning, only to be released because there was a discrepancy on her birth date regarding the warrant,” Walder said. “So I think perhaps she had a little bit of confidence in herself and in the system that perhaps she could get the head start that she wanted.”

Walder said the detail she is most curious about is when Armstrong purchased the airline ticket. Her arrest warrant was issued May 17; she flew May 14.

Walder also said she was surprised Armstrong fled to New York rather than the Mexican border.

“I think it was risky and, quite frankly, a little bit brazen that she’s headed to New York,” Walder said. “I guess we can take into consideration the Canadian border, but that would be even riskier.”

Armstrong could slip into anonymity in a large city such as New York, especially if she dyes and cuts her hair, Walder said. But ultimately, she believes Armstrong will be caught by next week.

“That’s really based, quite frankly, on the cash situation,” Walder said. “I really do think that once she runs out of cash, the gig is up, if you will.”

The arrest affidavit for Armstrong alleges her crime was part of a love triangle between Armstrong, Wilson and fellow cyclist Colin Strickland.

Armstrong and Strickland were dating at the time of the murder, according to the affidavit.

Wilson was swimming in a pool with Strickland the night she was murdered. Strickland told police he was on a break from his relationship with Armstrong when he began dating Wilson.

A police search of phone records indicate Wilson believed she was dating Strickland even though he was still in a relationship with Armstrong.

Armstrong is described as a 5-foot-8-inch, 125-pound white woman with hazel eyes and brown hair.


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