Months later, Cuomo investigations still ongoing


NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) — There are multiple federal and state investigations underway into the actions of three-term New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose response to the coronavirus pandemic made him a national celebrity.

Those investigations include:

Throughout, the Democratic governor has insisted he’s done nothing wrong.

On March 3, Cuomo responded to allegations of sexual misconduct saying, “I never touched anyone, inappropriately.”

The onslaught of allegations laid bare already raw political rifts in New York state with Cuomo, stepping back from the spotlight and cutting back on his regular pandemic briefings.

While political adversaries, have been less quiet.

“It is disgusting to me,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “And he can no longer serve as governor, it’s as simple as that.”

A long-time Cuomo adviser and former state vaccine czar was accused in March by county executives of calling to gauge their support for the governor, following the sexual harassment claims.

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that state investigators have been reaching out to those executives seeking phone records.

“I have tried to be respectful of the process,” said Cuomo on April 29 while addressing the multiple investigations. “At the same time, it has been very difficult letting people make accusations and not responding.”

The governor says people have only heard one side of the story, and he’s eager to tell his at the proper time and to the appropriate authorities.

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