‘Most unfair trial of my career’ Cosby’s former lawyer says of star’s conviction


(NewsNation Now) — The man who lead Bill Cosby’s defense team in 2018 told NewsNationNow.com that was the “most unfair” trial in his career.

“It was a travesty of justice,” Tom Mesereau said on NewsNation Prime. “And today as we speak this very moment, Bill Cosby has no conviction whatsoever. He cannot be retried on this case, he’s home with his family. It’s a great day for justice. And it’s a great day for the Cosby family.”

Cosby was released from his prison term Wednesday after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found prosecutors went back on an agreement they’d made with the comedian. The court says prosecutors used Cosby’s own testimony against him after he was promised he would not be charged before he gave it.

That agreement was reportedly not in writing, however, Mesereau said that’s not unusual.

“I’ve had prosecutors throughout my career come to me and say, ‘we’re not going to prosecute,’ or, ‘we’ll take a deal of this sort,’ or ‘we’d like this thing to be resolved in a civil court,'” he said.

Cosby never admitted guilt to any of the dozens of sexual assaults he was accused of, including the charges he was initially convicted on in 2018.

Andrea Constand’s accusation lead to Cosby’s initial conviction. In a statement, she and her lawyers called the ruling disappointing, and they, like many other advocates, expressed fear that it could discourage sexual assault victims from coming forward. “We urge all victims to have their voices heard,” they added.

Another accuser told NewsNationNow.com Cosby’s release was an “emotional setback.”

“I don’t believe he’s the criminal that they’re making him out to be and he doesn’t have any criminal conviction as we speak today,” Mesereau said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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