Neighbors lend helping hands in Buffalo, New York blizzard


Neighbors help push a motorist stuck in the snow in Buffalo, N.Y., on Monday, Dec. 26, 2022. (Derek Gee/The Buffalo News via AP)

(NewsNation)  — After a deadly winter storm tore through the western New York state, neighbors have banded together to help those most in need.

“This is crazy,” Elisa Smith said Tuesday as she trekked through four-foot snow drifts looking for an open convenience store to buy milk and tissues for her kids.

It was Smith’s first time leaving her Buffalo, New York, home since her family became trapped inside Friday. The historic blizzard shut down roads, closed grocery stores, and blew destructively throughout the city, So far, it has claimed 34 lives.

A winter weather advisory remains in effect for the city until 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

“I couldn’t even get out for the last few days to go get my kids anything, so now I figure it’s kind of clear — let me take a walk…” Smith said.

Some abandoned their cars outside and returned to find their engine compartments packed with snow.

Others with the means to help dug out their trapped neighbors or jumpstarted cars.

“We love our town,” said one Buffalo resident named Patrick, who used a shovel to clear away snow. “The only thing we’re gonna do is sit out here and help anybody — anybody who stuck, anybody need help we got y’all.”

Good neighbors were online, too.

One Facebook group pleaded for help for Deidra Davidson, who was snowed-in and wheelchair-bound and already had waited six days for a dialysis appointment.

“I just knew all these days were not good for me,” Davidson said.

On Tuesday, her roads were finally plowed and with assistance from the National Guard, Davidson was able to get to treatment.

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