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New turn in cyclist love triangle: Murder suspect spotted

(NewsNation) — There’s a new turn in a twisted Texas love triangle. The woman accused of killing a popular cyclist in a love triangle has been spotted at an airport for the second time since a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, is considered armed and dangerous. She’s suspected of murdering Moriah Wilson, a rising star in the cycling world, in early May.

Armstrong was brought in for questioning in the murder case, but she was released and has been on the run ever since.

Investigators now say Armstrong was dropped off at an airport in Newark, New Jersey, on May 18, with no record of an outbound flight in her name. Surveillance footage also places Armstrong at a Texas airport just three days after the alleged crime.

A police affidavit related to the case paints a picture of a love triangle gone wrong. According to the document, Wilson had met with the suspect’s boyfriend, fellow pro cyclist Colin Strickland, on May 11 — the night she was killed.

Strickland, who said he briefly dated Wilson last fall, told police they went swimming and then to dinner. He says he then dropped her off at the home, where she was later found dead with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators say one minute after Wilson arrived home, security footage shows an SUV similar to Armstrong’s appearing to pull up outside. Detectives analyzed shell casings found at the scene of the killing against a gun belonging to Armstrong, writing in an affidavit, “The potential that the same firearm was involved is significant.”

On May 12, when officers confronted Armstrong with the video evidence, she reportedly provided no explanation and remained “very still and guarded.” Police later told her she was free to go.

Then on May 14, images showed Armstrong at an airport in Austin, Texas.

An anonymous tipster who police call credible said Armstrong discovered Strickland was romantically involved with Wilson and became “furious,” “shaking with anger” and wanted to “kill” her.

Police issued a warrant for Armstrong’s arrest May 17. U.S. marshals say Armstrong flew from Austin to Houston and then to New York City. On May 25, another warrant for Armstrong was obtained for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Former FBI Special Agent Tracy Walder believes Armstrong has had help since she has gone from city to city.

“I actually do think that this had a little premeditation in it. How much, I am not certain,” Walder said. “I am really starting to think especially because now we see two different airports, that she has help.”

Robert Allen, professor of homeland security at Tulane University, said time is working against Armstrong.

“She’s going to pop up. Somebody’s going to see her and then she’s going to be caught,” Allen commented.

The search for Armstrong has been designated as a U.S. Marshals Service major case, which brings in additional manpower to help further the investigation.

Susan Pamerleau, who is working the case with the U.S. Marshals Service in the Western District of Texas, says authorities won’t stop until Armstrong is in custody.

“The longer she is away, the less freedom she has. Because as we close in, that cuts off more and more options for her in terms of evading arrest,” Pamerleau said.

When asked what happens to the investigation if Armstrong has left the country, Pamerleau said they have connections with the State Department, their international branch and investigators in other countries to help bring a fugitive back to the U.S.

Pamerleau believes the longer Armstrong is on the run, the more dangerous she may become to the public.

“She’s suspected of committing murder. In a case like that, she may be getting more desperate, and as she does that, she may become more dangerous. Our intent is to find her as quickly as we can and to bring her into custody,” Pamerleau added.

Armstrong is described as 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighing around 125 pounds. A $5,000 reward for information leading to her capture has been issued.

Anyone who sees Armstrong is urged to call 911 rather than approaching her.


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