New York National Guard to assist in new COVID-19 travel rule enforcement


NEW YORK (NewsNation Now) — Travelers heading to New York will need proof they’ve tested negative for COVID-19.

The new requirement ordered by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo went into effect on Wednesday. He’s sending a stern message to passengers flying into the state ahead of the holiday season.

“You should not land if you do not have proof of a negative test upon landing,” Gov. Cuomo said.

This comes as New York is reporting its largest increase in COVID-19 cases in months.

“I spoke to Mayor DeBlasio about increasing the New York police department at the airports,” said Cuomo.

In a radio interview Friday, Governor Cuomo also announced he’s increasing National Guard personnel at airports to assist airline officials and the port authority, adding they can check with passengers departure states to verify test results.

Previously, people were required to self-quarantine 14 days if they were coming from a COVID hot spot.

“The enforcement of that is highly problematic. We’re not equipped to do that,” Cuomo said in an October press conference.

Now if a traveler’s second COVID test is negative, they don’t have to quarantine.

“You’re supposed to take a test where you’re coming from and within 3 days and it’s supposed to show a negative test,” said Cuomo.

While Gov. Cuomo acknowledges the measure is aggressive, the state once known for being the epicenter of the pandemic isn’t taking any chances.

“I want people to know we are serious,” said Cuomo.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers who traveled for fewer than 24 hours outside the state do not need to take a test before returning. Though they are required to take a test after they re-enter.

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